petak, 24. travnja 2015.

W.I.P. in blue

Something new. And wonderful. I recently bought yarn PERLITA in the gentle light-blue color. I decided to knit something for me, for the summer. I wanted an interesting pattern with lace. And I found it.
Samos pattern by Ulrik vibe Sondergaard. Here is link to the projects on Ravelry. Really great model, with unusual back lower part. I can not wait to see how that part of my work will look. I decided to knit the front piece first. The reason is that I simply wondered if I'll be able to knit the lace because it seems complicated. But I managed. And here's how it looks. 

The weathe is sunny these days, but not too warm so it's great for walking in nature. I'd like to go to one wonderful place to sped a day outside. With my knitting project of course. It is not far from my house and the view is superb. These blue clouds reminds me of the colour of my yarn. 

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