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Jajce sightseeing tour

May 28th, 2015. This was my second visit to this wonderful city. Some people аre saying that it is a city museum. I completely agree with that. 

Jajce is situated in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was first built in the 14th century and served as the capital of the independent Kingdom of Bosnia during its time. When the Bosnian kingdom fell to the Ottoman Empire in 1463, Jajce was taken by the Ottomans but was retaken next year by Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus. Eventually, in 1527, Jajce became the last Bosnian town to fall to Ottoman rule. 

It was a little about the history of Jajce, and here are some attractions that we visited.

When we got out of the car, the first thing we saw was a waterfall. It is the place where the Pliva  river meets the river Vrbas. I always say it's nice to see the image but it is only a fraction of those inner feelings when you see it live.

However, we decided first go to the fortress. It was built aroud the fourteenth century. 

On the way to the fortress, we saw a number of interesting buildings. There is something mystical in these old buildings, which were held for so many years. Near such buildings I feel completely different and I like that feeling.

At the fort we met a lot of tourists. I noticed the enthusiasm among everyone. 

After that we wanted to see catacombs - unusual cultural and historical monument, which is located inside the town rampartes. It is truly unique monument, but there was a big crowd and we did not have time to wait to get inside. Some another time, I hope.

On the way back we went to the Museum AVNOJ. Then we returned to the waterfall. But this time we came so close to the waterfall that we had a feeling it's raining.

 Our next destination was Pliva Lakes with complex mills Pliva. It is located 5 km away from Jajce. Wooden watermills were probably built in Austro-Hungarian period. They all have the same look. There are 19 renewed mills today.

We have succeeded to see this wonderful places in one day and make sure once again that Jajce is a great city, a city museum indeed. Definitely worth a visit.

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