petak, 24. travnja 2015.

W.I.P. in blue

Something new. And wonderful. I recently bought yarn PERLITA in the gentle light-blue color. I decided to knit something for me, for the summer. I wanted an interesting pattern with lace. And I found it.
Samos pattern by Ulrik vibe Sondergaard. Here is link to the projects on Ravelry. Really great model, with unusual back lower part. I can not wait to see how that part of my work will look. I decided to knit the front piece first. The reason is that I simply wondered if I'll be able to knit the lace because it seems complicated. But I managed. And here's how it looks. 

The weathe is sunny these days, but not too warm so it's great for walking in nature. I'd like to go to one wonderful place to sped a day outside. With my knitting project of course. It is not far from my house and the view is superb. These blue clouds reminds me of the colour of my yarn. 

petak, 17. travnja 2015.

Another Spring Day

There are many beautiful things around us. But often we do not notice them. We only need turn around us and open our eyes for simply but beautiful things. These days, there is no greater beauty than in nature. Just look at all that blossoms.

Today I enjoyed all of this. But I also enyojed because I have finished one hat. The colour of the hat fits in the spring. Pattern is Lacy Leaf Hat by Brenda Lewis. It is free pattern and you can find it here. 
I am satisfied how it turned out. This lacy pattern was very interesting to knit. I really enjoyed. 

utorak, 14. travnja 2015.

My Alexandrite

Although the weather is still chilly I began to knit things for the summer. It needs to be ready for the warmer days. I knitted several things using this wool. I used Alize Angora Gold simli.

The pattern is Alexandrite Tank by Robin Melanson from Knitscene, Spring 2014. You can also find pattern on Ravelry

I find this pattern very interesting. Simpathy at first sight. What attracted me the most is the collar. I also love the back of this tank. The garter stitch collar is worked as a separate piece and is twisted at the center front before being sewn to the garment. Love that idea. 

My list of projects for the summer is too long. There is so much I want to knit. 

 I am now eagerly waiting for the hot sunny days!

ponedjeljak, 13. travnja 2015.

Visiting Bobovac

What a great weekend!

Feeling tired, but filled with pleasure. The weather was great for walking. We started our visit to Bobovac in the Kraljeva Sutjeska village.

There was the great mood among everyone. Perhaps strange, but all participants of our tour were interested to know more about all the places which we have visited on this beautiful day. And as we approached Bobovac there were so many questions to answer. 

First we visited a mosque in the Kraljeva Sutjeska. Not such a big building but it says so much and provides such a wonderful relaxing feeling, just standing nearby. According to legend, it was built by Sultan Mehmed II El-Fatih, in 1463, during the conquest of Bobovac. Mosque was built in three days.

Then we continued towards the monastery. On the road to the monastery we stopped to old Bosnian house. I think that life in this house was very happy, quiet but also with plenty of excitement. I feel like that because the house itself reveals a multitude of feelings, even to this day.

Then we came to monastery.

Peace, respect, indeed it is what is felt.

Near the monastery, there was the summer residence of Bosnian kings called the Palace. Some years ago, in archaeological excavations in that place was found a lot of glass. A glass at that time was very rare. There, among the remains of the church, you should wish for something good. The legend says that kind of wishes will be realised.

With best wishes, we continued toward the goal. Today our goal was to arrive at Bobovac, and enjoy its charms. I will say immediately that we have succeeded. 

On the way to Bobovac we went through the canyon of the river Bukovica. River and its sound,  flowers along the path, people one after the other, easy motion, all that was an excellent introduction to the royal city.

The city was first mentioned in a document dating from 1349. Bobovac was a seat of the rulers of Bosnia. It is the most important and best fortified city of medieval Bosnia. The city was raised by the ban Stephen II Kotromanić. Despite all the kings, I will write something about a queen. 

Queen Katarina Kotromanić. She was the last Bosnian queen. Queen Katarina was born in 1424, as a member of Herceg-Stjepan Kosača family in Hum, today´s Herzegovina. She got married for king Stjepan Tomaš and became the Bosnian Queen. When Bobovac fell into Ottoman hands, she managed to escape to Dubrovnik. Her children Sigismund and Katarina were taken into Ottoman slavery. She died on 25th October 1478 in Rome.

We heard a lot about the Bobovac and its history. I think that facts and everything that happened do matter, but what I find interesting is daily life at that time. While I was there, I imagined people at that time, what kind of clothes they wore, what they ate, what they were interested in. 

Indeed, the idea of one day in the year 1353, among the walls of Bobovac. Imagine!

The Ottoman garrison have abandoned Bobovac in 1626, because of their conquest further to the north, and the city remained deep in the background. 
Since then, many visitors have come to royal city, but every time they continued their conquest. As we have done, too.

We went back to the Kraljeva Sutjeska. And once again the city remained deep in the background.

ponedjeljak, 6. travnja 2015.

Waistcoat for all seasons

The pattern is Short DROPS waistcoat. It is free and you can find it here

I find this pattern so lovely and feminine. It is worked back and fort on needle, back piece, left and right front pieces and then assembled together in one piece. I like how this traditional points of the waistcoat on front pieces turned out. And I like it because it is wearable all seasons.

I worked with the size S for me.

I must admit that I really like projects like this. It was quickly completed, simple but interesting enough to keep the attention. 

Buttons I used are from my collection of old buttons. I just realized that I´m actually real collector. Here are some photos of these old buttons.

nedjelja, 5. travnja 2015.


When my friend said it was like a place on another planet I did not belive. And indeed, it is necessary to go to Lukomir to experience it all. Untouched nature, a wonderful blue sky, cold clear water, landscapes like a fairytale. The people we met up, natives, they are so friendly and traditional dressed up. They are ready to tell all about the way of life in the village. There can be heard a lot of interesting stories.

Lukomir is Bosnia´s highest and most isolated mountain village. This nomad village sits at an altitude of 1498 m on the Bjelašnica mountain. For that reason, access to the village is impossible from the first snows in December until late April, except on foot or by skis. More information about hiking tour you could find here

Everything about this village is so charming. I´ll try to show all that beauty through a few random photos. Enjoy!