petak, 20. svibnja 2016.

Favourite Five Skirt Knitting Patterns!

It is hard to choose only five patterns among all. I think these on my list are absolutely adorable and I would love to knit and wear all of them. 

You can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest. I find these with pictures and I put a link to Ravelry.

So, there is my list of the top five knitted skirts. 

1. Soft Linen Single Gore Skirt by Gudrun Johnston, pattern on Ravelry. I really love this pleat with the lace details. I also prefer this lenght for skirt. It looks so romantic.


2. Shetland Skirt by Erica Patberg, pattern on Ravelry. It seems I really love pleats.


3. Chelsea Skirt by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, free pattern on Ravelry. What I especially like about this skirt is lace border in contrasting-color yarn. 


4. Heart Me Forever by Lauren Riker, pattern available on Raverly. If you like cables, hearts and bobbles this is skirt for you. 


5. DROPS skirt with zigzag pattern. You can find it on and it is free pattern. I would likely change the color combination and lenght but zigzag pattern looks so great.


nedjelja, 17. travnja 2016.

Some garden news

Some things have happened in the garden. There were few rainy days and a lot of sun so everything is going somehow quickly. It seems that plants sprouted overnight.

One might say, miracles happened in the kingdom of plants. I must say that I am satisfied with almost everything. 

Patatoe sprouted last week. Onion, garlic, radishes also arised from the ground. Everything looks so healthy.

I transferred my zucchini from the greenhouse into garden. After that I planted cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse. I planted nine pieces of cucumber and thirty pieces of tomatoes. 

Raspberries and strawberries have also started to rise. Strawberries are even began to flourish.

The rest of the nature in the surroundings is also beautiful. There are some new flowers in the garden every day. 

Visiting Novi Sad

I wonder if there is anyone in the world who does not like to travel. Such person does not exist, right? And when it comes to travel to a wonderful city that you have always wanted, then happiness has no end.

Novi Sad, what a great city! There is so much to see in this place on the banks of the Danube River. I enjoyed especially in the old quarter, Stari Grad, cause I´m a big fan of old buildings and history. 

Novi Sad is also known for the greatest summer music festival EXIT. It is held annually at the Petrovaradin Fortress. We visited the Fortress but without festival. Maybe some other time.The Petrovaradin Fortress is so wonderful and there is plenty to see. It had been built between 1659 and 1780. I especially liked the Clock tower. The wiew from the Fortress is indescribable. You can see the whole city. It was rainy day so the photos are a little gloomy.

I have to say that Novi Sad is great to visit with someone you love. There are many romantic places there. In fact, the whole city is in some kind of romantic mood.

Novi Sad is a city with a tradition more than 300 years long. The architecture of the city has some elements of Baroque, as well as the other styles. You can see many interesting and fascinating buildings such as City Hall, Bishop´s Palace, synagogue and a lot of churches.

I was especially glad to visit this city because it is the birthplace one of my favourite musician, singer and song writer Đorđe Balašević. He described many parts of Novi Sad in his songs. One of my favourite songsis "Ne volim januar´, in which he mentions the street Dositejeva. So I had to visit this street. At that point, no one was happier than me.

There are more beautiful things to see there. And the modern part of the city is beautiful, of course. But what fascinates me always is traditional and old, everything with the soul.

Many wonderful memories remained from Novi Sad. But it seems to me that the weekend was not enough. As well as this brief post. Therefore, if you had an opportunity be sure to visit this great city.

ponedjeljak, 4. travnja 2016.

W.I.P. -Summer Morning Shawl

My new crochet WIP is Summer Morning Shawl. I saw it first on Pinterest. You can find free pattern on, it is from Bernat. The light and lacy crochet pattern is perfect for summer nights or autumn afternoons.

It is not very difficult to follow, and after several rows it is four rows repeat. I am using 4,5 mm hook and yarn with 75% polyacril and 25% wool (Gold yarns made in Turkey).

I can´t wait to wrap myself in it. 

I can not help but put some pictures of flowers from my garden and my neighborhood. I´m addicted to taking photos of nature.

Adorable weekend on the mountain!

I can not stop to photograph nature these days. Spring shows all its beauty these days. Everything is so wonderful, especially plants, blue sky and green grass. One simply can not admire enough.

This weekend I spent with my friends on the mountain Ponijeri near Kakanj. The weather was excellent, sunny but not too hot.
The best way for me to use your time in nature is hiking. We climbed to the top of the ski trail, which offers a superb view. We took a lot of great photos.
Throughout my life have I seen so many flowers. Rivers of crocus.