utorak, 31. ožujka 2015.

Spring afternoon walk

Springtime. The sun. Nature. First flowers. Trees without leaves. The sludge. Lake. Hike. Lot of photos.

We first saw this beautiful violets.

I love violets. Their bionomal name is Viola odorata. Their flowers are usually dark violet or white. The flowers are really aromatic. I was so happy when I saw this white violets. I think that they are less likely to see.

Primula vulgaris. The common name is primrose. The primrose is one of the earliest spring flowers. 

Helleborus, on the next photo, comprise approximately 20 species of herbaceous or evergreen perennial flowering plants. Many species are poisonous.

Vrtlisko lake. It is 5-6 km far from Kakanj. It is a part artificial , part natural lake. The lake was made on the surface burrow after the mineral exploatation. It is about 100 m long and 40 m wide.

First time eating pizza in nature. Fed and happy.

četvrtak, 26. ožujka 2015.

Strawberries in my garden

Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits. Every year we plant new strawberries in our garden. The best time to plant is spring or late summer. This year, we bought some black foil with holes, intended for growing strawberries.

I will show you some photos of this delicious fruits planted by me and my sister. We planted about 70 plants. It was such a beautiful day.

Little bit of history
"The first garden strawberry was grown in France during the late 18th century. Wild strawberries and cultivated selections from wild strawberry species werw the common source of the fruit. The strawberry fruit was mentioned in ancient Roman literature in reference to its medicinal use."

I can´t wait time to harvest. Hope for the best.

Boot Cuffs, crochet

I made this using free pattern from Ravelry, Lacy Patterned Boot Cuffs by domestic bliss squared. The pattern incorporates the V stitch and a scalloped edge. I used hook 4,5 mm and some leftovers.

I really like V stitches and scalloped edge. Together, it makes very sweet combination. Thanks autor for this beautiful free pattern. It was very interesting to make them. I can´t wait to wear them with my rubber boots.

petak, 20. ožujka 2015.

WIP,FO, need new project

These days I feel that I need some big project in knitting. Something like a sweater or some kind of big shawl. Recently, I have been working on some small things. And it was mostly crochet. Now I miss knitting so much, and I would have to cast on something soon. I have many ideas what to knit, but it only need a good moment to come. 
There are some project I was working on lately. Some of them are completed and some are in progres.
First, Shell Stitch Cluch, by Lisa van Klaveren, free pattern on Ravelry. It is very easy pattern and it could be customized to a different sizes. You choose the yarn type and hook size and the overall dimensions you want. You can also add lining to the inside but it is optional, and there are no instruction for that.
I used hook size 4,5 mm and yarn with 20% Wool, 80 % Synthetic, Tetex Yarn Group. I also did a lining with some fabric in similar color.

Another bag that I am working on is in white color, also crochet. The yarn I am using for this is some kind of synthetic. I got it from my grandmother. This is a photo of only one piece. 

And now one old earrings but in a new edition. I saw something similar on the web. I used hook sized 1,0 mm and some old thread. Great for spring time. One remained to be finished.

At the end there are some bags that I made for myself. One with a bow, I have made two years ago. It it great for long summer walks. The second I have made last year, in winter time. It is waiting for this spring and summer. I didn´t use any patterns.

nedjelja, 15. ožujka 2015.

Welcome Spring

It is my favourite season of the year. Therefore I am so excited. With some sun everything looks so magical. It really gives some new energy.

I was working in the garden today. And now, instead of felling tired I am very relaxed. I want more days like this. Here are a few photos from mine and neighbor´s  garden.