nedjelja, 5. travnja 2015.


When my friend said it was like a place on another planet I did not belive. And indeed, it is necessary to go to Lukomir to experience it all. Untouched nature, a wonderful blue sky, cold clear water, landscapes like a fairytale. The people we met up, natives, they are so friendly and traditional dressed up. They are ready to tell all about the way of life in the village. There can be heard a lot of interesting stories.

Lukomir is Bosnia´s highest and most isolated mountain village. This nomad village sits at an altitude of 1498 m on the Bjelašnica mountain. For that reason, access to the village is impossible from the first snows in December until late April, except on foot or by skis. More information about hiking tour you could find here

Everything about this village is so charming. I´ll try to show all that beauty through a few random photos. Enjoy! 

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