utorak, 31. ožujka 2015.

Spring afternoon walk

Springtime. The sun. Nature. First flowers. Trees without leaves. The sludge. Lake. Hike. Lot of photos.

We first saw this beautiful violets.

I love violets. Their bionomal name is Viola odorata. Their flowers are usually dark violet or white. The flowers are really aromatic. I was so happy when I saw this white violets. I think that they are less likely to see.

Primula vulgaris. The common name is primrose. The primrose is one of the earliest spring flowers. 

Helleborus, on the next photo, comprise approximately 20 species of herbaceous or evergreen perennial flowering plants. Many species are poisonous.

Vrtlisko lake. It is 5-6 km far from Kakanj. It is a part artificial , part natural lake. The lake was made on the surface burrow after the mineral exploatation. It is about 100 m long and 40 m wide.

First time eating pizza in nature. Fed and happy.

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