nedjelja, 17. travnja 2016.

Some garden news

Some things have happened in the garden. There were few rainy days and a lot of sun so everything is going somehow quickly. It seems that plants sprouted overnight.

One might say, miracles happened in the kingdom of plants. I must say that I am satisfied with almost everything. 

Patatoe sprouted last week. Onion, garlic, radishes also arised from the ground. Everything looks so healthy.

I transferred my zucchini from the greenhouse into garden. After that I planted cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse. I planted nine pieces of cucumber and thirty pieces of tomatoes. 

Raspberries and strawberries have also started to rise. Strawberries are even began to flourish.

The rest of the nature in the surroundings is also beautiful. There are some new flowers in the garden every day. 

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    1. Thank you Carmen! You could follow me on Google+, you have link on my home page! <3