petak, 20. svibnja 2016.

Favourite Five Skirt Knitting Patterns!

It is hard to choose only five patterns among all. I think these on my list are absolutely adorable and I would love to knit and wear all of them. 

You can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest. I find these with pictures and I put a link to Ravelry.

So, there is my list of the top five knitted skirts. 

1. Soft Linen Single Gore Skirt by Gudrun Johnston, pattern on Ravelry. I really love this pleat with the lace details. I also prefer this lenght for skirt. It looks so romantic.


2. Shetland Skirt by Erica Patberg, pattern on Ravelry. It seems I really love pleats.


3. Chelsea Skirt by Cecily Glowik MacDonald, free pattern on Ravelry. What I especially like about this skirt is lace border in contrasting-color yarn. 


4. Heart Me Forever by Lauren Riker, pattern available on Raverly. If you like cables, hearts and bobbles this is skirt for you. 


5. DROPS skirt with zigzag pattern. You can find it on and it is free pattern. I would likely change the color combination and lenght but zigzag pattern looks so great.


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