ponedjeljak, 4. travnja 2016.

Garden update

Spring has just arrived, but I've finished most of the work in the garden. All my favorite types of vegetables are planted. This year, I decided to plant potatoes, red onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, beets, peas and zucchini. For now.

I planted patatoes about a week ago. This year I bought the seeds in local agricultural fharmacy. These are DESIREE patatoe seeds. It is very adaptive variety with a red skin colour but it is light yellow inside. Tubers are oval, long and resistant to drought. It is suitable for cooking, baking and french fries. This is a late variety. I also planted somekind of early patatoe, but I am not pretty sure about the name.

I can not wait to show the first shoots of my vegetables. Until then, we can only look at pictures of seeds.

In fact, some veggies have already sprung up. But only what I have planted in the greenhouse. So, my zucchini are almost ready for transplant into garden. I am so happy about this. Two types of zucchini have sprung so far. But I have planted some more outside in the garden.

Next to the seedlings, there is lettuce, onions, spinach and parsley in greenhouse. But it will soon be time to plant tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

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