srijeda, 16. rujna 2015.

Have You Tried To Knit Simple Slouchy Beanie

I did not want to use any certain pattern. I actually wanted to use Brioche Stitch to practise it. I used Brioche Stitch in the round. 

So, I casted on 135 stitches and joined them in the round. Then I worked k1, p1 rib for 1,5 inch. 
After that I started to work Brioche Stitch. I found many different ways of knitting Brioche online. But the closest way that I used you could see here
I have worked in Brioche for 5 inches (total 6,5 inches). I found decreasing in Brioche a little tricky so I continued to work k1, p1 for 1,5 inch more. I think it is a really good tip for decreasing stitches when doing Brioche.

All that remains is decreasing: 
- rnd1: *k1, slip 2 as if you were to k2tog, k1, lift that 2 slipped sts over the knitted and off the needle*, repeat from*to*
- rnd2:*k2tog all the round.
Cut yarn, leaving 6-10 inch tail and draw it trough remainig stitches, closing the top tightly. Weave in ends using tapestry needle. I also made a pom pom and attached it on the beanie.

Really simple but looks so great and cosily.

I think Brioche is also great for scarves and I'd love to hear your experiences. And what kind of hat do you prefer?

nedjelja, 13. rujna 2015.

Sutjeska National Park

A long time I had a desire to see this monument. I was thrilled when I heard we were going to Mag(l)ic. And of course we'll stop off at Tjentiste. We arrived early in the morning and it was still quite dark. I was surprised by the size of monuments, it is really huge. I was thrilled and disappointed at the same time because of deterioration of this stunning monument.

The park was location of the 1943 Battle of the Sutjeska during WWII. In the battle, the Partisans were led by marshal Josip Broz Tito. To remember the tragic loss of life, the abstract war memorial was constructed near the village Tjentiste. A war memorial now stands vithin the Valley of the Heroes, where the Yugoslavian Partisans overpowered the German occupying forces, even though they lost a third of their men. This monument was designed by the sculptor Miodrag Zivkovic.

There is also a Memorial home "Battle of Sutjeska" near the monument. It was built in period 1964-1971, and it is work of architect Ranko Radovic. In the 1980s monuments like this attracted millions of visitors per year, especially young pioneers. But after the Republic dissolved this monument was completely abonded and it´s symbolic meaning was forever lost. Though not for all of us!

I found this old picture among the pictures of my father. I think it was in 1975 or 1976. He's this young man with blond hair in the lower left corner. It was a field trip in high school. This image is one of the reasons I wanted to visit this monument.

Established in 1962, Sutjeska is oldest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This park attracts both history and nature lover alike. The Strict Nature reserve Perucica, one of the last two remaining primeval forest in Europe, is part of the park. With over 300 species of birds, and other animals such as bears, wolves, foxes, Sutjeska National Park is must-see for any animal lover.
It also hides the 75 metres tall Skakavac waterfall. š

It was just part of the beauty that we saw in our way to Maglic. However Maglic is a story for itself. 

srijeda, 2. rujna 2015.

My new-old sewing machine

The first prototype of sewing machines in the Bagat is made by precise mechanic Sime Pavic in 1955, bringing together 160 different parts manufactured in the same facility, the old engines, which the factory had. The prototype could perform walk forward and backward, zig-zag, semi-seam stitching buttonholes, quilting buttons, produces nine types of patterns and sewing with two needles. Bagat was one of the biggest factories of sewing machines in Europe and was employing around 3,500 workers.
"Bagat" as used machines can be found on the market even today. Many servicers continue to carry out their maintenance and repair, procuring supplies from aboad and buying parts through ads.
I received one as a gift last month. I was very happy because I really love all kind of old stuff. It is a Bagat model Jadranka. It appears to be in good condition. Actually it will need a few minor repairs like lubrication, cleaning some parts ect.
This machine work with foot pedal but also on electricity. I tried to run a needle and it works. So far so good. I look forward to use it.

Simple curtains

I made it for the kitchen window. It is really an inexpensive but cute way to decorate windows. You can use different kind of fabrics. You just need to let your imagination work and you can make whatever you want.

The first thing you need to do is measure the width of your window and then the height that you want. When you know the dimensions of the window, you can specify how long you want the curtains to be. I made two curtains of different length, one for the top and one for the bottom. I used a thin, transparent fabric. At the bottom of curtain, I added decorative silk ribbon.

It is very simple procedure. The fabrick should be cut into a rectangular desired dimensions. Remember to allow room for the hemming strips to your measurements . Then you fold the edges and sew them.

 All that remains to be done is to make a top hem. You should also make opening for the tension rod. You could use clips too. I bought a white curtain tension rod in local store. 

I like their vintage country look!