srijeda, 16. rujna 2015.

Have You Tried To Knit Simple Slouchy Beanie

I did not want to use any certain pattern. I actually wanted to use Brioche Stitch to practise it. I used Brioche Stitch in the round. 

So, I casted on 135 stitches and joined them in the round. Then I worked k1, p1 rib for 1,5 inch. 
After that I started to work Brioche Stitch. I found many different ways of knitting Brioche online. But the closest way that I used you could see here
I have worked in Brioche for 5 inches (total 6,5 inches). I found decreasing in Brioche a little tricky so I continued to work k1, p1 for 1,5 inch more. I think it is a really good tip for decreasing stitches when doing Brioche.

All that remains is decreasing: 
- rnd1: *k1, slip 2 as if you were to k2tog, k1, lift that 2 slipped sts over the knitted and off the needle*, repeat from*to*
- rnd2:*k2tog all the round.
Cut yarn, leaving 6-10 inch tail and draw it trough remainig stitches, closing the top tightly. Weave in ends using tapestry needle. I also made a pom pom and attached it on the beanie.

Really simple but looks so great and cosily.

I think Brioche is also great for scarves and I'd love to hear your experiences. And what kind of hat do you prefer?

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