nedjelja, 21. prosinca 2014.

Baby Uggs

It is real pleasure  knit something for the baby. Each baby garment  is so sweet that I immediately want to knit it. And so, although I am not surrounded by babies, when I saw this uggs pattern I immediately decided to start. 
You can find free pattern here. It does 
not require too much time, material and it is really easy. It is knitted in one piece and have only one seam.

Something for girls

Red. Color for women. :) I found the idea on page Drops Design, except that I have reduced the number of stiches. It is very simple pattern, only uses knits and purls.

It is knitted in the round. In the end I added a bow, which I already had knitted.

Fingerless mitts

Gloves, as a fashion accessory, are one of the favorite winter pieces, but they also protect us from the cold. However, sometimes they are a little impractical, for example when we want to find something in the bag, use the telephone ect..

But there is a solution, such as fingerless mitts. Menu are simply irresistible. That's why I decided, this winter, the first time to try to knit one for myself. So I started accompanying video explanation, which I found on youtube-u. But I ended up with several pairs of this, in different colors, designs and sizes. They are not complicated to knit and do not need a lot of time. Because that, if you knit, I recommend you to try. I have some even donated.